A new, smarter channel incentive platform to improve your UK Channel Marketing effectiveness

The proven way* to motivate individual Channel Partner salespeople to sell more of your products – instead of your competitors.

*OpenChannel tracking and reporting, validated by clients

According to Forrester research, winning in the channel requires data-driven program innovation: OpenChannel rewards offers a smart way to generate valuable contact data of third-party sellers to enable effective data-driven communications.
It’s different because OpenChannel enables you to communicate directly with more individual Channel Partner salespeople to change sales behaviour, brand perceptions and motivate them to sell your products over your competitors, giving you a competitive advantage.
And it’s unique because OpenChannel manages administration and payment of benefit-in-kind tax due on rewards over a certain value – and saves you money in the process.

Incentives work.

You love incentives, because they motivate people to sell more of your products.

We know because we recently helped one of our OpenChannel clients to increase revenue by 76%.*

Your Channel Partners love incentives, because their salespeople sell more, generating more profit.

We know because over 6 months our client’s Channel Partners increased like-for-like sales by 11,566% against the previous non-incentivised period.**

Their salespeople love incentives, because they get rewarded for selling – and the bigger reward, the more they sell.

We know because when tasked with attracting 250 individual salespeople to join an OpenChannel incentive programme – nearly 3,000 joined, and when incentivised with triple points, sales doubled***.

*Confirmed with Channel Partners
** Averages confirmed with Channel Partner floor managers
*** Confirmed via OpenChannel tracking and reporting and validated with client

We know incentives work at increasing sales, deal registrations and pipeline contribution, so why don’t more organisations create more incentive programmes offering larger rewards?

In our experience, there are two reasons – both of which OpenChannel solves…

Reason 1: Benefit-in-kind tax obligations

When a company provides an award to salespeople of another company, someone has to pay benefit-in-kind tax and the provider becomes liable to pay the Class 1A National Insurance. It’s a barrier to joining incentive programmes, and a headache for employers, your Channel Partners – or you – to manage – especially if you – are paying the tax on behalf of the salesperson.

Our short guide explains benefit-in-kind tax obligations in more detail.

The solution? OpenChannel, created based on research, feedback and input from clients, partner principles and sellers, generates a GDPR compliant contact database of third-party sellers, at an individual level, to create a 1-2-1 direct channel for communication. It achieves this by simply taking away an age-old barrier to entry for many incentive schemes: the tax obligation.

OpenChannel has an arrangement with HMRC that enables us to pay the tax due on incentive rewards on behalf of individual channel salespeople. So you can offer them rewards that are free-of-tax to them.

Vendors financing the tax element of the incentive as well as the rewards benefit too by paying the benefit-in kind tax at the rate relevant to the tax status of each individual employee, which could be 20% and not at a higher rate. With OpenChannel, the tax is always paid at the correct rate – saving you money, and our automatic system makes managing the whole process really straight-forward.

Reason 2: GDPR compliance

There are huge benefits to you being able to email individual Channel Partner salespeople – with your Channel Partner’s agreement, of course. You can incentivise them to sell more of a particular line, tell them about a Black Friday double points promotion, encourage them with a competition to boost end-of-quarter sales, reward them for completing a workshop or training course, thank them for obtaining a referral, congratulate them for an achievement and so much more…

The challenge is to do this while complying with GDPR rules.

Well, OpenChannel has the solution. Because in order for salespeople to have the benefit-in-kind tax – due from their rewards – paid on their behalf, they have to opt in to receiving incentive-based emails from you. And, even better, they are happy to do so, because those emails are about how they can earn rewards.

With OpenChannel:

You win – because you can communicate directly with, and incentivise, individual salespeople to engage, inform and motivate them to prioritise selling your products. (And all administration and tax obligations are managed on your behalf.)

You can also use OpenChannel as a central hub to signpost to existing investments e.g. learning portal training assets, and to create a currency to drive channel engagement activities: workshop attendance, training module completion, SPIF days, VIP events, Sales kick-offs, Sales Manager ad-hoc promotions and more…

Your Channel Partners win – because they get a fantastic incentive scheme where they don’t have to worry about tax declaration, and they increase their sales and profits.

Salepeople win – because they can receive rewards without having to pay benefit-in-kind tax.

Offering them a place they want to go, not have to go, based on self-interest economics*

* Adam Smith’s self-interest economic theory: The best economic benefit for all can usually be accomplished when individuals act in their own self-interest.

Benefits at a glance

The OpenChannel platform can be branded for your organisation.

Incentivise individual salespeople via email – perfect for tactical campaigns.

Benefits at a glance
Benefits at a glance 2

A wide and easily changed range of rewards at different values incentivises salespeople at all levels.

Fully automated back-end takes care of offer, reward, fulfilment, communication, reporting and tax management.

With OpenChannel you get a reward agnostic platform with intuitive UX offering business control, scale on demand, guerrilla tactic capability and the ability to integrate with additional custom portals e.g. training, accreditation and education, via our custom API for registration and points exchange. Rewarding interaction with these custom portals in addition to being rewarded for sales within OpenChannel – both systems can exchange points in real time.

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Indicative pricing:

OpenChannel offers self-serve and fully managed models, with self-serve front end sales input capability, or a fully managed service. You choose the level of internal resource required to run it. OpenChannel can be implemented quickly and updated 24/7/365.

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